Hollywood Stardle

Hollywood Stardle

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About game

Embark on the exciting challenge of Hollywood Stardle, a daily puzzle that tests your knowledge of stars from film, television, and music. Can you guess the last name of today's star within six attempts?

How to play

In Hollywood Stardle, your objective is to guess the last name of the star based on the given clues. Type your guess, one letter per star, using any combination of letters. Press the enter button to submit your guess. Remember, your guess doesn't have to be a complete name or word; even partial guesses are accepted if you're seeking hints.

After each guess, observe the color of the stars to determine how close your guess was to today's Hollywood Stardle. A green star indicates a correct letter in the correct spot, while a yellow star signifies a correct letter but in the wrong position. A grey star indicates that the letter is not in the sequence at all.

Utilize these clues strategically to deduce the star's last name and emerge victorious in Hollywood Stardle. Are you ready to test your knowledge of Hollywood stars? Start playing now and put your skills to the test!

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