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A game of forming 6 unique 5 letter words that use the most possible amount of unique characters. Each row has a "locked" cell that inherits a value from the previous row, aside from the first that has the locked value pre-filled. Puzzle changes daily.

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Our description from our listing:

Maxyph, named after Maximum Glyph, is a game where you try to create a series of six English words that are five letters long using the most possible number of unique letters.

Sounds easy enough, right? Maybe. Letter space in each row is "locked" meaning you cannot enter it yourself. This letter in the first row is the seed letter to start the puzzle and is already populated with the puzzle.
The remaining "locked" cells are colored orange in the puzzle and inherit the value directly above them (this cell in the next row gets filled in to make it easier to see as you're entering the current row).

Extra fun: you cannot reuse a locked letter after the row it was locked in. So if your first row has an "A" in the locked cell, you could use "A" again in that row (to your scores detriment!) but not in the following rows.

We mentioned a score, that part is easy: at the end of the puzzle, we count the unique characters you used in your valid words, and that is your score. The theoretical maximum is 25, but we usually get stuck around 21 or 22 on most puzzles.

You can also quit at any time and just take the score of your current words.

Good luck and have fun.
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