Three Magic Words

Three Magic Words

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About game

Immerse yourself in the challenge of Three Magic Words, where your logic and language skills are put to the test. In each round, you must complete three specific five-letter words using the available tiles. Solve all three words to progress to the next round and earn stars along the way.

How to play

In Three Magic Words, your objective is to complete three specific five-letter words using the available tiles. As you form a guess for a word, tiles in the correct slot will turn green and become locked in place. Earn stars by guessing the letter for a starred slot before the star disappears.

Pay attention to the color of the tiles: green indicates correct letters in the right slot, yellow signifies correct letters but in the wrong slot, and red indicates incorrect letters. Remember, even if a word uses all the same letters, you must place them in the right slots.

Ensure your guesses are real words, as unrecognized words will remove all loose tiles, regardless of their correctness. Repeated incorrect guesses will incur a time penalty. If you're stuck, you can sacrifice an earned star by dragging it down to an empty slot or a loose tile to help you progress.

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